Rafting Down Knob Creek

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Bloggers’ Night just keeps being fun on into the week. I
again thank everyone who participated and for writing such great postings, and

If there’s anything we at the SLSO need to learn from this
experience (if I may be so bold) is that people still feel that if they aren’t
in fancy dress at Powell they won’t fit in. Listen: Powell Hall is open to all.
Everyone is welcome. And the music this orchestra plays may intrigue, entertain,
enlighten, provoke, please, and provide a big aesthetic woop to the brains of
all sorts of different people. Come on down!

And with that, let’s begin with Stefene Russell, on the St. Louis
magazine blog, who gives here impressions of a Rite of Spring in November. Click here.

The Peripatetic Circumambulant takes us from wandering
masters to perfect pancakes. Click here.

Highway 61 (Revised) takes a trip down Knob Creek (don’t
miss the cartoon). Click here

Patrick proves that long-haired post-punks are welcome at
Powell. Click here

A few more bloggers are still to come in. But no

Meanwhile, Rest Is
Reading Group! Tonight at 7pm on
the third floor
of the Schlafly Tap Room. Chapters 7-9: Music under Stalin,
FDR, and Hitler. See you there!