Myths and Texts

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Overheard in the hallways: “Gruber, Karttunen, Mattila–oh my!”

Seen on the 7th floor: Orli Shaham with twins Alex and
Nathan accompanied by Milo the Powell Hall
Pooch. Those boys have reached the age where they can really scoot, although not
quite as fast as Milo.

The texts to Luonnotar,
Mirage, and Frankenstein!! are available on our website. Go to the Concert
and you’ll find them among the info on the individual concerts. You’ll
see L & M texts on the big screen of Powell. HK Gruber will deftly
enunciate his Frankenstein!! at the St. Louis Art Museum, no visual aids required.

Friday’s concert is Bloggers’ Night 2. As of Friday afternoon
there will be at least eight bloggers in attendance, and I’ll be linking to
their posts as soon as they can put them up next week.