Bloggers’ Night Cont’d

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The posts from Bloggers’ Night continue to come in. Jordan Oakes of St. Louis magazine describes the the violent violin carvings of Gil Shaham (Click)  and A Well Respected Tumblr gives us a “Well Respected Night at the Symphony.” I will add, beer is always a welcome beverage in St. Louis, whether at Powell Hall or anywhere else. Click.

For those of you looking for reports from California, I’ll be giving SLSO musicians and staff a call later this moring, and hope to send you reports this afternoon. I’ll also give Chris Woehr a nudge for more journal entries. With Vaughan Williams’ A Sea Symphony, with text by Walt Whitman, coming up for the season finale, doesn’t Chris look very Whitmanic in his photo from the last blog post? If Whitman played a viola, that is.