Beneath Her Feet

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I was not at the performance of Alexander Nevsky at Powell Friday night, but I did see a chorus member at the Majestic Saturday morning. (For you out-of-towners, the Majestic is a diner that has maintained its integrity through decades of fashion upheavals in the district known as the Central West End.)

He told me that it was a very good first night, and added that Russian was the hardest language he has sung yet (and he’s a St. Louis Symphony Chorus veteran and remembers the Hungarian of Cantata profana).

Then I asked about the featured mezzo-soprano, Elena Manistina.

“Stunning,” he said.

We agreed she sings as if the force of the music is coming from out of the Russian soil. “It’s as if it’s coming up from beneath her feet,” he said.

Meanwhile, Small Town Girl gives her assessment of Bloggers’ Night last week, with a shout out to Symphony Prez & CEO Fred Bronstein for stopping by to say hello–proof again that, as Woody Allen said, showing up is 80 percent of success. Click.