Best Typo

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The Arts & Education Council (A&E) does a heap of good works throughout the community. Moreover, the St. Louis Symphony is receiving A&E’s Excellence in the Arts award at the annual St. Louis Arts Awards presentation at the Chase Park Plaza on January 20. The Symphony is most grateful.

We were also thrilled by the recent promotion of one of our Beethoven Festival concerts in the A&E “Happenings” newsletter. According to the “Know & Go Discount Calendar” you can use a special A&E discount card to attend the January 24 performance of “Beethoven 3 ‘Erotica.”‘

It goes on: “Astounding audiences since its debut, this work continues to awe listeners with its rhythmic power.”

“Awe.” “Rhythmic power.” And at a discount!

Thank you A&E for all that you do. And congratulations for the best typo of the New Year. Hopefully an “Erotica” Symphony will help us sell some more tickets.