Creature Features

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Music tells the story this season, and does that in part by portraying characters–Don Quixote, Hamlet, and even the planets in our solar system. There are animal characters as well, in Peter and the Wolf and in Mother Goose Suite, and a totemic wolf in a new double bass concerto by Tan Dun.

To tell animal stories with animal characters this season, the St. Louis Symphony and the Saint Louis Zoo have merged their artistic and educational talents again for a Family Concert (Hoot & Howl at Powell) and Education Concerts in October. A nocturnal theme drives the music and the stories, so you’ll hear Night on Bald Mountain and get to know Luna the Bat.

My Education Department colleagues Jessica Ingraham and Michael Gandlmayr took a trip to the Zoo to work on the script for the shows with their zoological counterparts. And they took some time to visit with a few of the inhabitants on an outlandishly gorgeous day in August.