Roaming Chorus

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The photo I posted yesterday of the brass and percussion ensemble in the foyer is now only relevant as historical record. The ensemble will be in another position for the selections from Wagner’s Parsifal this weekend, but I’m not going to say where because I might end up being wrong again. It takes time and experimentation to get the sound just right.

Meanwhile, during rehearsal Wednesday evening a chorus member told me, “I’ve sung all over Powell Hall tonight, except the stage.” Wagner writes for an off-stage chorus to create an effect of celestial voices, and so the chorus headed toward the upper realms of Powell. This is nothing new for the St. Louis Symphony Chorus. In fact, one of their celestial spots is called “Neptune’s Balcony,” because it is the go-to position for The Planets.

And when they finally got on stage for Beethoven’s Ninth, they sounded heavenly.