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My boss made music-biz news this week. Adam Crane, Vice President for External Affairs, made the Musical America list of 30 Professionals of the Year, a.k.a. the “Influencers.” MA explains the criteria: “We recently asked the MA community to nominate 30 people who are making a difference in our business, either by virtue of their position, their creativity, and/or their dedication—folks about whom you could say, ‘When they speak, we listen.”’

I’ve been listening to Adam for seven seasons now, and I continue to learn from what he has to say. But perhaps just as importantly, Adam is himself an excellent listener, and those of us who’ve worked for him and with him value his smarts, his imagination, his concern for his colleagues, friends and family, and his passion for the St. Louis Symphony.

You can read what MA has to say about him here: click.

Adam is also passionate for his hometown and its baseball team. Adam doesn’t like to smile in photographs much, but here he is on the day he got his replica 2011 World Series ring. Congratulations, Adam.

Adam World Series ring