Postcard Thursday

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As promised, Postcard Thursday returns this week. This is our way of keeping you in touch with the St. Louis Symphony musicians during the summer hiatus. What do your favorite musicians do when they’re not practicing for a concert at Powell, or a quartet at a local church, or a duet for a hospital room?

Horn player Julie Thayer is busy with some home remodeling.

Julie Thayer 1She writes: “While many of my colleagues are traveling to summer festivals, I’ve kept myself busy right here at home renovating the house I recently purchased. It’s 135 years old and located in Lafayette Square. One unexpected benefit–removing the ceiling and drywall from my second floor made a pretty good acoustic for my practicing. My new mantra is TIY (instead of DIY). TIY means ‘try it yourself.’ I’ve learned a lot and it’s great to see things come together, slowly but surely!”

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