SymphonyCares Heart Quartet pumps life-saving information into the community

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The SymphonyCares Heart Quartet plays music with a healthy message around the St. Louis region.

The quartet includes three St. Louis Symphony Orchestra musicians and a cardiac surgeon from Saint Louis University Hospital.

Dawn Hui, M.D., a graduate of medical school and Juilliard, is a founding member of the quartet.

“It’s a real honor and a privilege to work with these musicians,” Hui said.

Joo Kim, Xi Zhang, and Ann Fagerburg round out the quartet.

In addition to playing beautiful music, the quartet shares life-saving information with audience members during performances.

“The risk of heart disease is probably higher than people are aware of,” Hui said. “It is the number one cause of death in America, so we try to educate our audience members.”

The quartet also plays music from composers who suffered from heart disease and pieces that have some connection to heart disease.

The quartet’s last performance was at the Mackland International Senior Center. The audience included several dozen immigrants.

“Many of these people may never be reached by television, radio, and conventional means,” Hui said. “It was very special to tell them about what I see, what I do, and maybe even make a change in someone’s life.”

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