Happy Anniversaries

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A reminder that if you want to see and hear more stuff about David Robertson’s 10th season, 50 Symphony musicians playing solos throughout 1415, and all things wonderful relating to the St. Louis Symphony’s 135th, visit this link to 10-50-135 for videos, as well as my podcasts about each program. These podcasts are especially erudite, intelligent, informative and are a fun way to hear the English language mangled. I’m also usually running behind. We’ll get 4 Seasons up asap.


Angie Smart warmed up for this week's performance of Vivaldi's "Summer," from "The Four Seasons," during recent Education Concerts.
Angie Smart warmed up for this week’s performance of Vivaldi’s “Summer,” from “The Four Seasons,” during recent Education Concerts.

Workin’ on a Groovy Thing

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As the season progresses, you’ll see more stuff on 10-50-135. Video interviews with 50 St. Louis Symphony soloists this season. Musicians sharing their David Robertson highlights from his 10 seasons as Music Director. Podcasts, with my actual voice. Check it out.