We Will Rock You

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The St. Louis Symphony performs Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man to lead off the final Music You Know concert this Friday, May 8.

On the Symphony’s Facebook page last week a bit of Fanfare history was provided: Copland was inspired by a speech by then Vice President of the United States Henry Wallace, in which Wallace proposed a “century of the common man.” A very democratic idea spoken in opposition to the rise of fascism around the globe.

Freddie Mercury. Photo credit: Carl Lender
Freddie Mercury                  Photo credit: Carl Lender
Aaron Copland
Aaron Copland










Thus, Freddie Mercury, who knew classical music and opera, may have been influenced by Copland’s Fanfare, as you may hear in this parallel drawn by Alex Ross in The Rest Is Noise. Listen to the Queen anthem “We Will Rock You” and the principal theme of Fanfare for the Common Man. Click.