The Cubs Joke Stays in the Picture

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Back to the Future screenwriter and University City native Bob Gale was in the house for a KSDK interview on Friday morning. He’ll be at the three BTTF shows this weekend and is making himself available for autographs at intermission. The movie’s on the Powell Hall screen with the St. Louis Symphony performing the score live

Bob Gale talks about "Back to the Future."
Bob Gale talks about “Back to the Future.”

I overheard his comment that even though the Cubs failed to win the World Series in 2015–as the film predicts–the Cubs joke in the movie still works.

But my favorite comment of the morning came from KSDK cameraman Jim Tuxbury, who after shooting a few minutes of rehearsal footage turned to me and said, “This is absolutely delightful.”

Back in Time

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On this special Back to the Future social media day, I was talking with Assistant Principal Second Violin Eva Kozma about Beethoven’s “Pastoral” Symphony, which comes up on the concert calendar November 13-15. Kozma is from Romania–one of three Romanians in the orchestra–so I thought it would be interesting to hear her take on Back to the Future.

Eva Kozma
Eva Kozma

“It came out when we were still living under Communism,” she told me. Any films they saw from the West were “really old.” She’s managed to see parts of the movie over the years, “So I’m looking forward to seeing the whole thing. As a matter of fact, my husband wants to bring both of our boys to a performance.”

Back to the Future will be on the big screen at Powell Hall October 30-November 1, with the St. Louis Symphony performing the score live.