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Christine Brewer sings Berg’s Altenberg Lieder in the Symphony’s subscription season finale this weekend. Whenever Brewer performs with the Symphony it’s like a welcome visit with a neighbor, which she is, making her home across the river in Illinois. And whenever Brewer sings her first rehearsal with the Symphony, she usually brings her kids along. Those kids are the sixth graders from Marissa Elementary, where Brewer taught before she changed her career path toward that of world-renowned soprano. Brewer stays true to her school with her “Operatunities” program, sending photos of the Teddy bear Marissa Melody to the students via email and social media from wherever in the world Brewer may be performing. It’s a nice way into social studies lessons, just as an open rehearsal is a nice welcome to the St. Louis Symphony. Ex Aff staffer Zach Schimpf took these photos of the Wednesday visit.

Christine Brewer and students from Marissa Elementary
Christine Brewer and students from Marissa Elementary. Marissa Melody in front row.
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Take our picture!