Happy Place

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Following the afternoon rehearsal of Four Preludes and Serious Songs, I asked Amy Kaiser, “Are you happy?” The St. Louis Symphony Chorus director told me, “I’m happy.”

Amy Kaiser
Amy Kaiser

I asked Chorus Manager Susan Patterson how A German Requiem was going, with one rehearsal to go Thursday night. “It’s going to be beautiful,” she told me.

Symphony violist Chris Woehr gave me a bit of music theory relating to Brahms, and music in general. It is an equation he’s devised based on “emotional bang for practice buck.” Some works, Woehr has observed, take a lot of practice, but they are more intellectual or idea-driven. They don’t score with the emotions. Other composers, Brahms especially, aren’t terrifically hard to play, but man, do they ever zero in on the heart.

With double Brahms this weekend, Chris is happy too.