Show Me a Sign

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I was under the weather for a few days and returned to work to see a change on the billboard right behind Powell Hall.

IMG_0945Family Concerts on sale under a bright Missouri sky.

Kudos to Symphony graphic designer Daniel Glen for making it pop.

Music Says “Welcome”

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Another group from the International Institute came to Powell Hall for the Zany World of Dr. Seuss Family Concert on Sunday afternoon. Dr. Seuss seems to translate into any language and cross all cultures. And music is always a great way to say “Welcome.”


Beethoven’s New Groove

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On a frigid St. Louis morning, schoolchildren from around the region came into Powell Hall to get warm and learn about rhythm at the “Beethoven’s New Groove” concert.

Schoolchildren enter Powell Hall and provide the "look up" photo op on a cold February morning.
Schoolchildren enter Powell Hall and provide the “look up” photo op on a cold February morning.

Guest conductor Rei Hotoda gave an example of a two-beat rhythm–a Sousa march–and got the audience involved. Everyone marched in place, one-two-one-two.

Rei Hotoda demonstrates a march rhythm.
Rei Hotoda demonstrates a march rhythm.

The schoolchildren learned that with a few changes in the beat, an accent on the 2 and the 4 or the use of syncopation, Beethoven can sound like rock or hip hop or Latin music. I heard one teacher or chaperon say, “I think I just walked into a salsa concert.”

When the show was over, the audience rewarded the orchestra with the rhythm of applause.

Standing O
Standing O

More than 15,000 schoolchildren will be coming to Powell Hall for Education Concerts this week and the last week in February, with “Tales of Shakespeare” on Tuesday, February 23, and Wednesday, February 24. “Beethoven’s New Groove” is offered as a Family Concert Sunday, April 17, 3:00pm.

Bee Meets Butterfly

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The first Family Concert of the season, Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo, was about a lot of things–animals, how music makes animal sounds, how animals make musical sounds–but it was largely about fun.

FC ZooThe Symphony partnered with the Saint Louis Zoo for this show, which–among many other things–brought a bee to meet children in the foyer.

Everyone had a bee-utiful time. Great big kudos go to Director of Education Berakiah Boone for making a whole lot happen and keeping it all fun.