Postcard Thursday

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Jeffrey Strong of the St. Louis Symphony trumpet section takes us on a hiking trip in California mountain country.

Jeff, Maggie & Archer
Jeff, Maggie & Archer

“My wife Maggie and I took a 20-day road trip with our dog, Archer, to California this summer and spent about a week hiking in Mammoth Lakes. We had stops in Santa Fe, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Denver. It was great to see so much of our beautiful country, and we met some great people along the way.

Jeff with mountain beard
Jeff with mountain beard & Archer
By the lake
Maggie by the lake
Maggie by a creek
Maggie & Archer by a high-mountain creek

“I’m currently spending my time training for the upcoming MO Cowbell Half Marathon, which takes place in St. Charles, and getting my music ready for the orchestra season to come.

Shoes in training for MO Marathon
Shoes in training for MO Half Marathon

“We are playing a lot of Beethoven this year, so I’ve been re-reading Lockwood’s books,¬†Beethoven Symphonies: An Artistic Vision and Beethoven: The Music and the Life. I include a picture of our new kitten, Tiger, checking out the September repertoire on my white board.

Tiger checks Jeff's practice scheudle
Tiger checks Jeff’s music schedule

“I’m very excited for this season, especially the September¬†23 concert when Karin Bliznik and I get to play Vivaldi’s Concerto for Two Trumpets in C major. This season should be a blast! (Pun definitely intended.)”

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