Autumn Leaves in Spring

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We had just completed recording an interview for the Saturday night broadcast on St. Louis Public Radio. Macedonian pianist Simon Trpceski turned to the glassed booth where KWMU’s Mary Edwards sat at the big board.

Simon Trpceski
Simon Trpceski

“Mary,” Trpceski said through the microphone, “may I sing for you?”

Edwards was speechless. I answered for her.

In a lovely, high lilting voice, he sang “The Autumn Leaves,” in French.

When he was done, we all laughed, and I said, “What, you sing in French and not Macedonian?”

“Let me see,” said Trpceski. And in a moment he was singing a tune that sounded as old as romance itself.

Edwards and I applauded and shouted bravos when he was done. “It’s a song about a man admiring a beautiful girl…”

Of course it was.