Green Mission Statement

The St. Louis Symphony takes all aspects of sustainability seriously, both in the services we provide our patrons as well as how we conduct business in our own office environment. The following guidelines will be implemented to the best of our ability.


The Symphony staff will include an individual whose written job responsibility will include sustainability initiatives. Our organization will specify procurement of green products where feasible.

Our organization gives preference to local vendors when all measures are equal.


Our organization requires all equipment to be purchased to be Energy Star whenever possible.

Our organization requires all computers to be set to sleep mode after a set time of non-use.

Our organization limits the use of personal workstation appliances.

Indoor Environmental Quality

Our organization will purchase Green Seal certified cleaning products and low-VOC or no-VOC building construction materials whenever possible.

All contractors hired to work in this building will be advised of our IEQ policies.


Our organization encourages all employees and patrons to utilize marked recycling bins.

Our organization strives to reduce junk mail from both our own mailing/distribution lists and incoming sources.

Our organization will circulate internal documents electronically whenever possible.

The Symphony encourages the use of reusable water containers and to avoid buying bottled water whenever possible.


Our organization encourages sustainable commuting methods whenever possible.

Our organization encourages our employees to rent fuel-efficient or hybrid vehicles whenever they are available and applicable to the need.


St. Louis Symphony Green Policy Statement PDF file
(PDF | 1.3mb)