SLSO Media Guidelines

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Directions and Parking
Powell Hall is located at 718 North Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63103. Grand Boulevard is accessed off Interstates 64, 44, or 70. I-64 is the closest interstate access. Two parking lots serve the immediate area around Powell Hall:
• The Veterans Administration lot (available concert evenings and weekends only), located north of the hall off Delmar Boulevard, and
• The Grand Center Blue Lot, located along the south side of the hall off of Samuel Shepard.
Free street parking is also available around the Hall. If you have special parking needs, please contact your SLSO contact for assistance.

Please use the Delmar Blvd. Stage Door entrance and sign-in on our visitor sheet. You will be issued a visitor badge, which should be worn while in the building. That's how SLSO staff and ushers know you're approved to be in the hall and filming. The security guard on duty will then connect you with your SLSO contact.

Interview Request Process
For interviews with SLSO musicians or staff, please contact Eric Dundon, Public Relations Manager ( | 314-286-4134). Interviews with guest artists can also be requested and are subject to the decision of the artist's management.

Ticket Request Process
Complimentary press tickets can be requested through Eric Dundon (contact information above). The SLSO reserves the right to grant, limit, or reject requests. Complimentary press tickets are limited to two per person and are seated where there is availability.

Photography and Videography Guidelines
• Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the concert.
• Please silence cell phones.
• Cameras must have a silent or reduced shutter.
• Equipment should be self-contained, without lights (battery powered or plugged in), boom mics, or the need to plug into an outlet.*
• Please adhere to filming location restrictions during concerts. An SLSO representative will show you the acceptable locations from which to shoot or film.**
• During rehearsals and performances, photography and videography can be captured from either far side of the orchestra or balcony levels. To view the Powell Hall stage from various sections, visit
• No more than 40 minutes of any performance may be recorded for news media or promotional uses.***

*Please let us know in advance if your setup is not self-contained.
**A SLSO staff member will escort you to the specific locations and can help with any specific requests.
***Audio or audio-visual material recorded must be edited down to no more than five minutes for promotional uses. Material used cannot include a complete work or movement longer than three minutes.