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St. Louis Symphony Orchestra Executive Staff & Email Addresses

Marie-Hélène Bernard, President & CEO

James Garrone, Chief Financial Officer

Amy Drummond, Vice President of Philanthropy

Erik Finley, Vice President, Artistic and Operations

David Nischwitz, Vice President of Marketing

Staff Directory

Please call 314-533-2500 or 800-232-1880 to reach a SLSO staff member.

Executive Office

Bernard, Marie-Hélène President & CEO
Blackshear, Melynie Executive Assistant to the President & CEO


Artistic and Operations

Finley, Erik Vice President, Artistic and Operations
Bailey, Maggie Director of Operations
Bolte Jr., Ron Assistant Stage Manager (Sound)
Brugger, Elsbeth Librarian
Bryant, Alexander Production and Hall Rental Coordinator
Byrd, Michelle Holiday Festival Chorus Coordinator
Clapper, Joseph Assistant Stage Manager (Lighting)
Gardner, Roberta Library Assistant
Gaston, Eric Director of Artistic Administration
Kaiser, Amy Chorus Director
Kivler, Ian Assistant Orchestra Personnel Manager
Kwong, Audrey Artistic Operations Manager
Leek, Suzanne Executive Assistant to the Music Director
McBeth, Kevin St. Louis Symphony IN UNISON Chorus Director
McKenna, Rick  Stagehand
Patterson, Susan Manager of Choral Activities
Pruzin, M. Jason Stage Manager
Skolnick, Henry Associate Librarian
Tallant, Amanda Assistant Librarian
White, Lindsey Artist Liaison


External Affairs

Byrne, Maureen Director of Diversity and Community Affairs
Gandlmayr, Michael Youth Orchestra Manager
Ingraham, Jessica Director of Education
Kiekow, Anthony Public Relations Manager
Owens, Brian IN UNISON Artist in Residence and Program Manager
Pesetsky, Ben Playbill consultant
Reinert, Laura Education Programs Coordinator
Schimpf, Zach External Affairs Coordinator


Finance/Info Systems/Facilities

Garrone, James Chief Financial Officer
Accola, Jay Assistant Controller
Collins, Heather Payroll & Accounting Associate
Craft, Rob Building Engineer
Doerr, Rita Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer
Gill, Shawn Part-Time Engineer
Howe-Koch, Tracey Facilities Assistant
Hoyt, Matt Database Administrator
Jaeger, Jeff Controller
Olimpio, Bob Director of Information Technology
Polette, Tina Senior Payroll/Accounts Payable Associate
Schon, Cynthia Director of Facilities
Wood, Travis PC Network Administrator


Human Resources

Bess, Donna Director of Human Resources
Hendricks, Carrie H.R. & Benefits Specialist


Marketing and Patron Services

Nischwitz, David Vice President of Marketing
Berkbigler, Dawn Group Sales Manager
Chaney, Lesley Director of Patron Services
Estes, Travis Director of Digital Strategy
Glen, Daniel Graphic Designer
Helbling, Mary Director of Marketing
Hill, Michelle Front of House Manager
Larson, Orin VIP Services Manager
Moore, Steve Education Ticketing Associate
Nelson, Isabelle Marketing Coordinator
Przygoda, Alyssa Box Office Manager
Sennett, Rachel Marketing Manager
Stanton, Carol Director of Creative Services


Office of Philanthropy

Drummond, Amy Vice President, Philanthropy
Balmer, Mary Associate, Philanthropy
Block, Anne Marie Coordinator, Philanthropy Operations
Boutwell, Vicki Senior Director, Institutional Philanthropy
Bowles, Amanda Manager, Philanthropy Communications
Drexelius, Joe Associate Director, Individual Philanthropy/Annual Campaign
Dwyer, Laura Associate Director, Volunteer Programs
Ferrie, Julie Director, Institutional Philanthropy
Lamprecht, Kristin Director, Philanthropy Stewardship and Events
Malinak, Betsy Senior Director, Individual Philanthropy
Pinto de Sa, Lillian Philanthropy Coordinator
Perry, Jay Director, Institutional Philanthropy
Sewell, Travis Director, Philanthropy Operations
Wichmer, Elaine Director, Individual Philanthropy Major and Planned Giving