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SymphonyCares at SLU Cancer Center

Duos of musicians from the SLSO perform monthly in the Infusion Room for patients receiving treatment

Saint Louis University Cancer Center committed to offering music therapy as part of patient care when they hired board certified music therapist Crystal Weaver to implement a comprehensive music therapy program starting in 2010. As part of this comprehensive program, musician duos from the SLSO perform for patients receiving chemotherapy in the Infusion Room one Monday morning each month throughout the season.

Billed as Symphony Mondays in the Infusion Room, the goal of Symphony musician visits is to relax patients and temporarily transport them from their surroundings. Since 2010, SLU Cancer Center has hired a second full-time certified music therapist, Andrew Dwiggins, and both Crystal and Andrew guide the visits of musicians from the SLSO to ensure excellent music experiences in a highly sensitive environment.

Now in our fourth season with this very special SymphonyCares program, these musician duos will perform for patients in the SLU Cancer Center Infusion Room:

Oct 20 - Asako Kuboki, violin, and Sarah Hogan Kaiser, bass
Nov 24 - Silvian Iticovici and Hiroko Yoshida, violins
Dec 8 - Heidi Harris, violin, and Erik Harris, guitar
Jan 12 - Jennifer Nitchman, flute, and Alison Harney, violin
Feb 9 - Xiaoxiao Qiang and Helen Kim, violins
March 9 - Becky Boyer Hall, violin, and Deborah Bloom, piano
April 13 - Ann Fink, violin, and Xi Zhang, viola
May 18 - Ann Choomack, flute, and Diana Haskell, clarinet
June 15 - Joo Kim, violin, and James Czyzewski, cello 


SymphonyCares is supported in part by

Sam & Marilyn Fox
United Healthcare
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