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SLSO SoundLab

Music and technology intersect in this free, on-demand, four-part digital concert experience that explores the intersection of music, science, and technology and supports STEAM curriculum and social-emotional learning for students in grades 3-8. SLSO SoundLab host Alicia leads young musicians on a journey that begins with how sound can be heard, felt, and seen. SoundLab also explores wordless musical conversations and uncovers how music unites people.

SoundLab launched in December 2020 to educators and in January 2021 to families, so far reaching more than 30,000 children across the United States and on three continents.

SoundLab for Families

A simple registration provides instant on-demand access to four 15-minute episodes. Each episode explores a different musical theme and is packed full of music performed by SLSO musicians.  

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SoundLab for Educators

Gain instant on-demand access to the four SoundLab videos and more than 15 classroom activities. All activities are aligned to third through eighth grade music and science standards and include intentional opportunities for social and emotional learning.

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Flute player Ann Choomack demonstrations how her instrument produces sound.

A simple change to the physical environment, like a smile or a sound, can shake up the entire world. In this first episode, students will experience soundwaves both scientifically and emotionally, allowing them to see and feel sound. 

Oboe player Xiomara Mass expresses many different emotions through her playing.

Have you ever wanted to say something to someone, but you didn’t have the right words? In episode two, students will discover how music can express that which words cannot and experience how sound travels, keeping us connected even when we are far apart.


This episode features a fun improvisation game using percussion instruments.

In episode three, students discover how musicians communicate through music. A musical dialog and a fun percussion game provide the opportunity to experience the science behind volume and pitch while uncovering the art of conversation.


A wind quintet.

There are countless beautiful and unique sounds on Earth. But what makes one sound different from another? In episode four, students uncover the beauty of timbre and explore ways to capture the wonders of their own world through soundscapes.

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