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Presented in partnership with Breach

New in summer 2021, the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and Breach teamed up to put the power of creating music into the hands of young musicians. Participants of three Sound of Summer digital summer camps became composers, musicians, and music producers, learning from music industry professionals and using digital audio workstations.

Summer camps included:

  • SLSO SoundLab Summer camp (hosted by SLSO): Third through fifth grade students curated their own Golden Record filled with sounds and self-composed music representing life here on Earth. 
  • blendLAB (hosted by Breach): Focusing on the creative process through the fusion of different cultures and genres, sixth through eighth grade students strengthen their collaborative work skills, problem solving, public speaking, storytelling, and researching skills by creating and sharing their own music compositions.
  • Make Room for Music (hosted by Breach): Working in small groups, high school students create their own “Music House” where they collaborate through the composition and production of music for film or TV. 

SLSO SoundLab Summer Camp

Hosted by SLSO

At SLSO SoundLab Summer Camp, campers curated their own Golden Record filled with sounds and self-composed music representing life here on Earth. Then, working in small groups, campers layered and mixed sounds using SoundTrap to create original songs.

Check out their creations below:


Students also created original artwork to represent their compositions (click to expand).



Hosted by Breach 

In summer 2021, blendLab campers explored digital music production while researching different culture and genre origins. Students were asked to complete two instrumental pieces using an online music recording studio called Soundtrap.  

For their first composition, students were asked to explore instruments and loops within Soundtrap and produce an instrumental piece with sounds they found interesting. For their second composition, students were asked to produce an instrumental piece that emulated the sounds of a few genres they learned about during camp. Students could choose to recreate either the Afrobeats/EDM fusion or Latin/Pop music fusion. 

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