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Extra Credit

Join us on Friday, Oct. 4, at 7:00pm for an exciting concert where music educators perform along side musicians of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and Resident Conductor, Gemma New. 


Networking Events

Going beyond the classroom, SLSO networking events connect teachers from across the bi-state. Teachers enjoy a complimentary happy hour, networking with colleagues and two free tickets to the SLSO. Check back in a month before each event to officially register.

Saturday, November 2, 2019
Saturday, April 18, 2019

Early Childhood Professional Development Workshops

Scarf dancing with Early Childhood TeachersSLSO Early Childhood Professional Development Workshops equip early childhood educators with the knowledge and tools to engage their students in music. Teachers are provided with engageing lesson ideas and planning tools that emphasize creating and exploring music through the framework of current early childhood curricula. This workshop provides two clock hours.

Wednesday, January 8, 4:30pm
Thursday, January 9, 4:30pm 

Registration Opens Fall 2019