St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra Auditions

Talented young musicians join the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra for a number of reasons — for the challenge of playing advanced orchestral repertoire, for the opportunity to work with the world-class musicians of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, and for the chance to play with a large ensemble of musically accomplished peers. Many SLSYO musicians go on to pursue careers in music with the confidence and knowledge gained through their experience with the SLSYO, including six current members of the SLSO.

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2019/2020 Season

With the exception of titled positions in strings, results are listed in alphabetical order.

Theo Bockhorst, co-concertmaster
Anna Zhong, co-concertmaster
Rebecca Lang, assistant concertmaster
Ethan Mayer, co-principal 2nd violin
Rich Qian, co-principal 2nd violin
Katie He, assistant principal 2nd violin
Daboh Ahn
Ayman Ishmael Amerin
Ava Andrews
Micaela Chyu
Madeleine Davis
Madeline De Geest
William Dong
Sophia Heaton
Noah Kennedy
Ava Mandoli
Kate Reynolds
Annie Ruan
Julia Serafimov
Katherine Shaw
Bradley Smith
Lilly Tung
Ryan Tung
Mary Xu
Yiyun Xu
Daniel Xu
Ellie Yang
Sarah Nayoung Yoo
Claire Zhang
Kevin Zhou

Molly Prow, co-principal
Junyi Su, co-principal
Jay Lipsutz, assistant principal
Meridith Blucker
Olivia Davis
Philip Duchild
Linnea Johansen
Franklin Liu
Elaina Maurer
Jacob Sheldon
Katie Snelling
Andy Zhang

Alex Cho, co-principal
Adam Zhao, co-principal
Roland LaBonté, assistant principal
Madeline Buchowski
Elinor Dana
Daniel Diringer
Jacob Hinton
Nayeon Ryu
Alexander Unseth
Natalie Van Winkle

Colby Heimburger, co-principal
Sammie Lee, co-principal
Anushka Dharmasanam
Gabriel Gibert
Leah Johnson
Kai Montgomery
Hannah Rivas
Benjamin Wang

Mary Grace Stamos

Abby Grace
Anne Leutkenhaus
Daphne Levy
Colleen McCracken

Matthew Barnes
Nicholas Karr
Alex Norrenberns

Pema Childs
Zachary Foulks
Sarah Oziemkiewicz
Sam Weinhouse

Lawrence Liu
Jack Snelling
Benjamin Weppler

Colin Akers
Rafi Brent
Roshen Chatwal
Richard Cheng
Grace Kirtley
Nathan Stricker

Andrew Classen
Ethan Kauffman
Raymond Wetzel-Meehan

Thomas Gustafson
Daniel Jung
Geoffrey Ladue

Evan Smith

Wyatt Moore

Asher Gunn
Aleczander Hines
Fletcher Leonard
Jakob Mueller
Jenna Pieper

Christopher Ye

Salma Ahmed, violin
Sophia Davis, violin
Ava Janes, violin
Lucy Zhao, violin
Eloise De Geest, viola
Benjamin Duke, viola
Alexander Pompain, viola
Rachel Li, cello
Ellen Spangler, cello
Rachel Wei, cello
Ella Chamberlain, harp
Isabella Saldana, flute
Bryce Van Bree, flute
Lauren Carley, oboe
Jacob Reuter, clarinet
Daniel Byer, bassoon
Ellen Filkins, horn
Sean Gallagher, trumpet
Claire Klingler, trombone
Noah Woerther, bass trombone
Lexi Kunz, percussion
Grace Lai, percussion
Michael Tu, piano


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