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2017/2018 SLSYO Final Audition Results

Below are the results for the 2017/2018 SLSYO auditions. Musicians are listed in alphabetical order with the exception of titled positions in the strings. Substitute players are also listed in alphabetical order by instrument.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for sharing your time, talent and effort with us.


Rose Haselhorst, Co-Concertmaster
Anna Zhong, Co-Concertmaster
Rebecca Lang, Assistant Concertmaster
Theo Bockhorst, Co-Principal
Rich Qian, Co-Principal
Ellie Yang, Assistant Principal
David Corbo
Grace Crockett 
Leanne Dang
Madeleine Davis
Madeline De Geest
William Dong
Nathaniel Eulentrop
Charlie Hamilton
Julia Harris
Katie He
Joshua Jones
Michael Lu
Jason Martin
Ethan Mayer
April Moon
Josephine Moten
Nina Ruan
Hannah Serafino
Julia Serifamov
Eva Shanker
Atul Srinivasan
Luke Stange
Jason Wan
Mary Xu
Nayoung Yoo
Lucy Zhao


Elizabeth Nguyen, Co-Principal
Molly Prow, Co-Principal
Lauren Praiss, Assistant Principal
Rohan Bohra
Philip Duchild
Noah Eagle
Jerome Eulentrop
Jack Rittendale
Jacob Sheldon
Katie Snelling
Junyi Su
Emily Vago


Anna Groesch, Co-Principal
Alex Cho, Co-Principal
Torri Weidinger, Assistant Principal
David Brown
Justin Collins
Daniel Diringer
Molly Farrar
Jacob Hinton
Claire Lin
Glen Morgenstern
Nayeon Ryu
Adam Zhao

Double Bass

Joel Hsieh, Co-Principal
Ryan Williams, Co-Principal
Lauren Wash, Assistant Principal
Colby Heimburger
Sammie Lee
Max Thorpe
Lillian Van Rees
Clayton Watts


Sophie Thorpe


Myah Frank
Anthony Kandilaroff
Taylor Poenicke
Jane Wang


Taylor Poenicke


Gwyneth Allendorph
Garrett Arosemena-Ott
Kenneth Owens
Walter Thomas-Patterson

English Horn

Garrett Arosemena-Ott


Zachary Foulks
Jennifer Jones
Evyn Levy
Jonah Stuckey

E-Flat Clarinet

Zachary Foulks

Bass Clarinet

Jonah Stuckey


Joshua Guehring
Joseph Hendricks
Jack Snelling
Elizabeth Verrill


Colin Akers
Rafi Brent
Dana Channell
Richard Cheng
Kelsey Moore
Ethan Wang


Philip Gurt
Edward Lee
Jude Nejmanowski
Andrew Storz


Thomas Curdt
Noah Korenfeld
Kyle Shewcraft

Bass Trombone

Wyatt Forhan




Jakob Mueller
Jenna Pieper
Aaron Zoll


Christopher Ye

Sub List

Katie Shaw, violin
Hikari Umemori, violin
Annalise Bauserman, viola
Clayton Bridgeman, viola
Daniel Tse, cello
Mary Grace Stamos, harp
Gregory Bardwell, flute
Polly Rekittke, oboe
Nita Isom, clarinet
Lauren Nadler, bassoon
Terrence Abernathy, horn
Dylan Potthoff, trumpet
Geoffrey Ladue, trombone
Isaac Gong, bass trombone
Jade Heuer, percussion
Alec Hines, percussion