David Brown

David Brown


University of Missouri - St. Louis

David Brown is a brand new member of the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra and a freshman at University of Missouri St. Louis. To say David is excited to finally be a part of SLSYO is an understatement! He feels that being a member of an ensemble of such high caliber will help him grow as a cellist which is exactly what he has always wanted.

David began learning violin at age 8 at his school and unlike many musicians, he hated it. He couldn’t read music and couldn’t bring himself to practice outside of class. David would frequently skip orchestra rehearsals until his mom found out and forced him to go back. David is thankful that she did because soon after, he would discover his passion for the cello with the guidance of his teacher, Suzanne Harlamert. Ms. Harlamert would stop at nothing to help David succeed in his musical journey. Without her help and patience he would never have the skills that would allow him to be a member of SLSYO

When David is not practicing, he loves arranging ensemble music from his favorite video games and making improvisations with his best friend Agazi. He also enjoys sharing his favorite classical pieces with his dad who has a great appreciation for it just like himself. Non-musical hobbies include drinking coffee with his mom and playing video games with his older brother.