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Joshua Jones

Joshua Jones


Westminster Christian Academy

Josh Jones is 16-year-old junior at Westminster Christian Academy. He started studying the violin at the age of 4, and is now studying with Eva Kozma. Josh has also been a participant in many chamber groups at the St. Louis School of Music, and in the orchestras at the Community School of Webster Univeristy. This is his second year as part of the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra and he greatly enjoys the challenge of the music and the energy of the orchestra itself. He is also part of the chapel band at his school and enjoys using his gifts to help others. Josh is a member of the tennis team at his school, and loves to spend time with his youth group and friends in his free time. 

Josh is grateful for his family, the Fizer family, Noah Pistory, Jack Moerhle, George Bryan, his close friends, his youth group, and his mentor and friend, John Spencer. He appreciates their support and loves them dearly.