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Julia Serafimov

Julia Serafimov


Parkway Southwest Middle School

Julia Serafimov is in the 8th grade at Parkway Southwest Middle School, she is recently studying with Yuly Ilyashov. At the age of 5, she decided to give the violin a try, and it turned out to be a good fit. She has been playing for 8 years and continues to enjoy practicing. This is her first year in the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra, and is looking forward to be a part of the group. She has participated in CMS Orchestra programs, SO and YPCO, CMS Chamber Music Orchestra, and Parkway Southwest Middle School Honors Orchestra (Concertmaster). It all started at the age of 5, playing The Ten Little Indians at her first recital, and has come so far with her instrument. She has a lot of inspiration from her mom, younger sister, and father. They all have musical talents and have encouraged her. But Julia has her grandma to thank, as she always had a passion for Julia’s playing and continues to. Aside from playing violin, Julia loves playing volleyball competitively- she recently played on USAV club TESL as setter and opposite attacker on her team.

Julia would also want to thank her former orchestra teacher Mr. Patrick Jackson, current conductor of YPCO and YPSO at CMS at Webster University, for her inspiration to keep playing. He made all of her rehearsals fun, inspiring, and enjoyable, and he is one of the most important people in her musical life.