Kelsey Moore

Kelsey Moore


University of Missouri, St. Louis

Kelsey Moore, a senior at Sullivan High School is fulfilling her dream of becoming a performer. This is her first orchestral experience and she is very excited to see where this takes her. 

Born in St. Joseph, MO on Mother’s Day, Kelsey was a born musician with the help of her parents, who just so happen to both be music educators. At about the age of five, Kelsey’s mother, now her choir director and best friend, began to teach her how to play the piano and sing. To this day, she still enjoys sitting down at the piano to play “Maple Leaf Rag” by Scott Joplin. She also sings in her school’s top Chamber choir and Select Women’s Choir and is the soprano section leader in both. She has been selected in the State MCDA choir 9-10th grade and the All-State Choir her junior year. 

In the sixth grade, Kelsey began to play the trumpet in her Middle School Band. She attended Fayette Music Festival her sixth and seventh grade years and received “I” ratings on her solos both years. One day, she was listening to the Film Score of “The Temple of Doom” by John Williams from Indiana Jones, when it struck her that the sound of the French Horn must come purely from the power of God and was the most amazing sound she had ever heard. She just had to try it out! So, not knowing anything at all about the horn, she asked her father, and band director, if she could start playing it. Of course, being the smart man he is, he immediately grabbed one as quick as he could, and she began to learn. 

Although she did not have a teacher to start her off, of course she picked the wrong side of the horn to play...the Bb side. She had no idea how difficult it was until she tried to play a few notes. At first, it didn’t seem like she would be too good at playing the beautiful instrument, but as she kept working hard, she gradually began to improve, which led her to start taking lessons with one of the most talented horn professors on the face of the planet, Dr. Marcia Spence. It wasn’t too long before Dr. Spence whipped Kelsey into shape. This helped her out so much, she succeeded on the state level in band as a freshman.

This led to even bigger opportunities. After moving to Sullivan for her sophomore year, she started taking lessons from the trumpet extraordinaire, Dr. Lisa Blackmore. Lisa helped her develop her sight reading skills and understand the horn.  This once again helped her succeed at the district and state level. She was raring to go! She was selected as fourth chair in the State band her sophomore and junior year.  Just recently, Kelsey auditioned for the Nafme All-National Honor Band and was selected as a member to perform in Nashville in October of 2015.  With the help of her new horn professor, Mr. Stephen Hanrahan, who is an amazing horn player (as well as a very funny person), Kelsey has learned so much technique in so little time.  

Kelsey would like to thank all of her awesome friends, her wonderful family, and all of her amazing teachers who have helped her get to where she is. She would also like to thank her neighbors for dealing with the different sounds that a French horn can make during practice.