Madeline De Geest

Madeline De Geest



Madeline De Geest, age 12, is a homeschooled seventh grader. She moved from Belgium to St. Louis at age 2. Madeline's love for music was undeniable from when she was just a baby: the only way to soothe her was with music by Bach, especially with his Arioso. 

Madeline plays the violin and is currently the youngest member of the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra. She studies with Mr. Joseph Kaminsky and made her orchestral solo debut with the violin as a winner of the 2016 Missouri Baptist Solo Concerto Competition. She enjoyed master classes by Ms. Erin Schreiber and Mr. Gabriel Bolkosky. 

Madeline also plays the piano, studying with Ms. Zena Ilyashov. Madeline is the 2017 State Winner of the MTNA Junior Piano Competition and a winner on piano of the 2017 Missouri Baptist Solo Concerto Competition. She made her orchestral solo debut on piano as the 2017 Mary Stillwell Young Artists' Concerto Competition Guild Award Winner at Alton, Illinois in December 2017.

Madeline is also strongly interested in composing and conducting. In 2015, two of her compositions, "Waterfall" and "Mysterious" were performed at Webster, while studying with Mr. John Thomas. She studies conducting under Dr. Robert Hart Baker.

Madeline's hobbies include hiking, exploring nature, doing math, reading science books, and drawing cartoons.

Madeline is grateful to Ms. Gemma New, Mr. Michael Gandlmayr, and the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra musicians and staff for making being a member of the SLSYO such a wonderful privilege. In addition, she would like to thank her incredible current teachers Mr. Joseph Kaminsky, Ms. Zena Ilyashov, and Dr. Robert Hart Baker, as well as Mr. Ken Kulosa, Mr. Patrick Jackson, Mr. John Thomas, Mrs. Vera Parkin, pianist Michael Lu, her parents and the Kathryn M. Buder Foundation for their support and inspiration.