Nathaniel Eulentrop

Nathaniel Eulentrop


After greatly enjoying year one, Nathaniel Eulentrop returns with his violin for a second year in the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra.

Nathaniel has played not only the violin, but also the piano since he was the age 6, and he has to date performed extensively on both instruments. Additionally, Nathaniel has found a love for composing original music. Thus far, Nathaniel has composed a large range of originals, some of which have even been performed. More recently, Nathaniel entered into the field of arranging, where his arranging opus now outnumbers his composition opus. Nathaniel also conducted a few small orchestras for their different little events, and he immensely enjoyed those experiences.

Nathaniel would love to go down any avenue of music that opens up to him, whether it be in composing, conducting, performing, or teaching; there are aspects about each one of them that he enjoys. But above all, Nathaniel's greatest dream is to be a great husband and a father to a beautiful family.

In his free time, Nathaniel enjoys being in the great outdoors, watching soccer, watching baseball, and practicing the Spanish language with his close friends from Argentina.