Rafi Brent

Rafi Brent


John Burroughs School

Rafi, a 15-year-old sophomore at John Burroughs School, is excited to be playing in the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra for the first time.

Rafi’s interest in horn started in preschool when he was given a deck of cards with pictures of animals playing musical instruments. Inspired by the image of the French Horn (played by a frog), he asked his parents to investigate music lessons. After a year of piano in elementary school, he persuaded them and instructor John Thomas that he was old enough to begin playing horn, and he has been studying with John ever since.

Rafi has enjoyed participating in multiple ensembles, including three years with the Young People’s Concert Orchestra and one year with the Young People’s Symphonic Orchestra at the Community Music School of Webster University (CMS). In the past two years he was also principal horn in the middle school and high school Metro 8 Honor Bands.

Beyond music, Rafi enjoys climbing (in a gym or a tree) and pretty much any outdoor activity (hiking, biking, canoeing...). Indoors, he enjoys reading, exercising, learning languages, and spending time with his brother and parents.

Rafi is grateful to his teacher, John Thomas, for many years of advice and guidance. He also thanks Patrick Jackson and David Commanday, his conductors at CMS, for teaching him how to play in an orchestra. Finally, he is grateful to his family, who have encouraged him all the way.