Rohan Bohra

Rohan Bohra


Lafayette High School

 Rohan Bohra, a sophomore at Lafayette High School, is excited to begin his first year with the STL Symphony Youth Orchestra. He has been studying music since he was three years old, when he started taking piano lessons. He was introduce to the viola in fifth grade by his music teacher, Mr. Haney. It was however, in Middle School that Rohan’s passion for viola grew under the guidance of Mr. Steve Patton and Mr. Joseph Gutowski.

 When not practicing music, he can be seen enjoying: contributing to his robotics team, helping with Computer Club, and solving all of his Rubik’s Cubes.

 Rohan would like to take this opportunity to thank all of his teachers who have helped shaped his passion for music: Mr. Steve Haney, Mr. Steve Patton, and Mr. Joseph Gutowski. Rohan would also like to thank his instructors: Ms. Dee Sparks, Mr. Marc Thayer, and his current Instructor, St. Louis Symphony violist, Chris Tantillo, who have taught him to appreciate all aspects of playing, and teaching him to become a well-rounded student.