Chorus Singers and Staff

143rd Season, 2022/2023

Leon Burke, III, Assistant Director
Gail Hintz, Accompanist & Manager

Timothy Anderson
Tracy Baker
Nicholas D. Bashaw
Jerry Bolain
Joy Boland
Michael Bouman
Richard F. Boyd
Robyn Danielle Brandon
Kyrstan Brantley
Daniel Brodsky
Elise Brubaker
Ashley E. Budde
Catherine A. Burge
Leon Burke, III
Rachel Buttram
Cherstin Byers
Leslie Caplan
Victoria Carmichael
Mark P. Cereghino
Timothy A. Cole
Jordan Comish
Devoree Clifton Crist
Derek Dahlke
Kelly Daniel-Decker
Laurel Ellison Dantas
Mary C. Donald
Ladd Faszold
Alan Freed
Mark Freiman
Lea Frost
Amy Telford Garcés

Megan E. Glass
Justino Gordón
Steven Grigsby
James Haessig
Susan H. Hagen
Ja'Quis Hardin
Nancy J. Helmich
Ellen Henschen
John Herget, IV
Heather Humphrey
Matthew Jellinek
Kerry Jenkins
Preston Jordan
James Kalkbrenner
Margaret Milligan Kerr
Patricia Kofron
Elena Korpalski
Christina Kruger
Paul Kunnath
Sarah Lancaster
William Larson
Debby Lennon
Gina Malone
Patrick C. Mattia
Charles McCall
Timothy John McCollum
Elizabeth McKinney
Scott Meidroth
Jei Mitchell-Evans
Elizabeth Ducey Moss
Emily Mae Nelson
Hannah Nelson
Duane L. Olson
Nariana (Nadiana) Ortiz
Susan D. Patterson
Trent A. Patterson


Matt Pentecost
Brian Pezza
Sarah Jane Price
Amy E. W. Prince
Shelly Ragan
Valerie Christy Reichert
Kate Reimann
Terree Rowbottom
Nathan Tulloch Ruggles
Mark V. Scharff
Leann Schuering
Victoria Siddell
Janice Simmons-Johnson
Charles G. Smith
Nick Spector
Matthew Stansfield
Adam Stefo
Alyssa Strauss
Laura Swearingen
Heather Butler Taylor
Nora Justak Teipen
Byron E. Thornton
Natanja Tomich
Philip Touchette
DeWayne Trainer
Pamela M. Triplett
David R. Truman
Greg Upchurch
Robert Valentine
Kaamya Varagur
Robert Voelker
Samantha Wagner
Nancy Maxwell Walther
Nicole Weiss
Paula N. Wohldmann
Danielle Yilmaz
Carl S. Zimmerman

Accompanist Gail HintzGail Hintz, Accompanist and Manager

Gail Hintz, accompanist since 1997, is a graduate of Webster College (piano performance) and has a master's degree from the University of Illinois (vocal accompanying and coaching). She served on the music faculty at Washington University as vocal coach/accompanist and is currently the pianist for the annual Metropolitan Opera National Council St. Louis auditions.



Assist Director Leon BurkeLeon Burke, Assistant Director

Leon Burke, assistant director, holds music degrees from Oberlin Conservatory and the University of Kansas. He conducts the University City Symphony and the Belleville Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and sometimes serves as a cover conductor for the St. Louis Symphony. Dr. Burke teaches voice privately and  is an adjunct professor of voice at St. Louis University and East Central College. He is the choir director at Eliot Chapel in Kirkwood, Missouri and appears regularly during the summers at the Chaparral Music Festival in Prescott, AZ as well as Principal Guest Conductor of the Asuncion Symphony and Paraguay's version of "El Sistema," Sonidos de la Tierra.