Felicia Foland

Felicia Foland


St. Louis native Felicia Foland joined the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra in 1990 as second bassoonist, an appointment made by then-Music Director Leonard Slatkin, now SLSO Conductor Laureate. Her history with the SLSO began, though, in 1974 when she was a member of the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra for three years—also under Slatkin's direction.

A fervent music educator, Foland has devoted countless hours to teaching and coaching students to be lifelong orchestral musicians. Her work with the SLSO's education programs has taken her to many classrooms in the St. Louis area and beyond. Since 2019, she has coached some of the brightest aspiring musicians as a guest artist at the Monteux School and Music Festival.

Striving to help inspire a lifelong love of music, Foland regularly coaches amateur musicians through organizations including the Missouri Chamber Music Festival and serves as performer with the Chamber Music Society of St. Louis. Her teaching schedule includes many master classes, as well as work with small groups and chamber ensembles, both professional and non-professional.

Foland attended the Eastman School of Music where she earned a Bachelor of Music degree and received two master's degrees from Northwestern University in Chicago. She has performed with orchestras across the United States, as well as with ensembles in Mexico and Europe.

Shaped by the St. Louis region's public schools' music programs, local bands and orchestras, and studying with former SLSO musicians, Foland is an advocate for her musical home that nurtured her career. She is passionate about connecting local audiences with music, champions music in public schools, and regularly encourages and mentors young musicians in the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra as a sectional coach.

In addition to music making and teaching, Foland enjoys a happy family life with her spouse, Kati Guerra.