News & Notes - August 2014


From the SVA President

If you are like me at all, you have enjoyed the freedom of the summer months, the lazier days, the time to travel, and the gorgeous summer weather that has been unique to St. Louis this summer. However, I already find myself ready to get back to my home away from home—Powell Hall. I miss seeing my people: our music director, our musicians, the Powell Hall staff, SVA volunteers—and hearing music Live at Powell Hall. Opening weekend is exactly one month from today! I will be ready.

Renew is my theme of choice this month, Symphony Volunteers:

  • Check your renewal date and make sure your annual Friends of the Symphony donation is current.
  • Respond to the chairs of your SVA committees to let them know you plan to renew your participation.
  • Renew your STL Symphony season tickets and single concerts purchases.
  • Renew your spirit of enthusiasm and excitement for getting involved in our favorite arts institution in St. Louis—the STL Symphony.

Sara Fabick
St. Louis Symphony Volunteer Association
p: 314-822-1183

SVA Board News

An SVA Board/Team Leader Retreat will be held on Saturday, August 23, 9:00am-noon at the SVA office. Topics for the retreat will include: "Getting Your Committee Off to a Good Start," "Sharing the Workload," "Why is Training Essential?" "Communications," "Moving into the 21st Century," and "Techie Tips." Please mark your calendars now for this important event.

At the Executive Committee meeting on Thursday, July 24 the decision was made that team leaders will be invited to attend the four SVA board meetings. Attendance is not mandatory, but team leaders will be welcome and will also receive copies of the minutes following the board meetings. When SVA chairs are not able to attend a board meeting, they should make sure that their vice chair or an alternate attends in their place. Because we have only four meetings per year, representation at each meeting is important for the successful operation of our organization.


Have you renewed your SVA membership? It is due one year from the date your renewed the previous time by making your Friends of the Symphony contribution. We are trying to get as many renewals in place as possible before the end of the Symphony’s fiscal year on August 31. You receive notices from the Symphony, but in case you do not know your renewal date, you can contact Amee Colvin.

Have you completed a 2014/15 Committee Sign-Up Form? Perhaps you want to try a new committee. Maybe you would like to resign from a committee.  Here is your opportunity to do so on the committee form. As the SVA begins ramping up for the 2014-2015 season, there will be many opportunities for the Membership committees to help with production and distribution of the SVA Membership Directory, committee placement, subscriber appreciation events, training days, the Forest Park Concert, and more. Membership is an area where we could use more volunteers. We need more bus hosts, too. You can complete the form in moments by clicking on the link above.

Each committee chair and team leader needs to contact every current member of his/her committee to see if they wish to continue participating in 2014/15. If no response is received, a telephone call should be made to check on the volunteer’s interest. Maybe you have not seen or heard from a volunteer on the list in quite some time. A personal telephone call to that person would be helpful. Let them know their participation is appreciated. They can also opt out if they no longer wish to serve on a specific committee. If you don’t like to make phone calls, find someone on your committee or team who will help with this project. We have many volunteers who are excellent at doing phoning. Assigning different job to committee members will make your committee stronger.

When chairs and team leaders feel that their lists are complete a copy should be sent to Amee Colvin, so the updated information can be entered into the Symphony's database. This assignment given to chairs and team leaders is very important for the SVA record keeping and also to help welcome volunteers aboard for the new year.

It is time to update the Membership Directory, scheduled for publication in September 2014. Now is your chance to make any changes to your contact information.  Please review your information either in the current Membership Directory or online and send any changes to Susan Pribble by Friday, August 15. Call Amee Colvin at 314-286-4153 for assistance with the password, if needed. 


Gypsy Caravan chairs Jane and Kent McNeil are already busy getting their experienced steering committee signed up and ready for the big event on Monday, May 25, 2015. Be ready to say, “yes!” when you get a call from these very new members with a very big job, who come to us with very great experience.

Look for changes to be announced soon regarding Parties of Note as Chair and Vice Chair Jean Saunders and Helga Lunsford prepare for the SVA to work with STL Symphony staff and Board of Trustees members to help plan and volunteer at celebrations of special anniversaries at the STL Symphony in 2014/15. When you think of PON, you think of parties and fun. This year will be no exception as existing Parties of Note will be held through February and then more special events will follow. Check the Parties of Note webpage to view a list of parties that are still available. Selling all of the slots is very important to reaching the SVA’s financial goals for the year.


VP of Education Gerry Frankenfeld could not be more pleased with his chairs and vice chairs because they already have so much of their arrangements made for 2014/15. Music has been selected for Picture the Music and Express the Music. Postcards have been mailed to teachers in the broader St. Louis community. 

Instrument Playground Chair Jeff Kaplan and Jim Dodds have met with Gerry, and they are getting plans in place for school visits. Their enthusiasm is contagious!

Powell Hall Opportunities Chair Marilyn Gordon smiles a lot too because she is equally proud of her crew that directly works for the STL Symphony staff. Ellen and Dennis Brommelhorst have a planning committee meeting on Thursday, August 14 to begin preparing for their important Boutique Kick-Off Meeting that will be scheduled after the Board and Team Leader Retreat.

SVA Office Location and Directions

Centene Center for Arts and Education
3547 Olive St., Suite 370
St. Louis, MO 63103
Office Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm

SVA committee meetings can be scheduled at the SVA office with Amee Colvin, Director of Volunteer Activities.

A member of your SVA committee should be available in the Centene Center lobby to let you into the building. If you arrive late and no one is there, use the call box at the street entrance. Scroll down to "Symphony Volunteer Association," hit the call button, and Amee will respond. You may also call the office directly at 314-289-4168 for building entrance.