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November, 2023

The SVA’s News and Notes is a quarterly publication that reviews recent accomplishments and provides a preview of activities to come. Comments and suggestions are welcome at SVACommunications@slso.orgPhoto above: Sharon Voss with Associate Concertmaster Erin Schreiber at the “Welcome Back” event.

Notes from the President
Dear Volunteers,

Thank you for your efforts, time, and consideration in making the start of the 2023/2024 season so successful. I, along with our executive committee and the leadership of the SLSO, am very grateful and impressed with the commitment from all of you and how so many people stepped up to volunteer in new roles in new venues, in rain and fair weather! It warms my heart to know you care so much and how generous your hospitality is to our community on behalf of the SLSO and SVA. 

Your presence has been noticed:
From Marie-Hélène Bernard, SLSO President and CEO: "I am deeply grateful – and prideful - for the SVA’s part in making our opening weeks such an impactful experience for the St. Louis community (and our musicians). There were some uncomfortable moments felt by many being in new venues, but the SVA did incredible work to make all feel welcome."

From Nancy Galvin (SLSO Board Member): "Sharongay and Donald Pearline were the fabulous greeters outside Touhill before this afternoon’s concert. They were wonderful representatives for our SLSO."

From Maureen Byrne, VP Education and Community Program: "It was fantastic that so many Volunteers were able to attend the inaugural performance of Holocaust Composer Stories: Paval Haas at the St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum. Thank you for helping to get the word out!"

Please read on to learn more about some of the new volunteer roles we are performing as Shuttle Hosts, Valet Greeters, and SLSO Escorts for sensory friendly Education Concerts. The SVA’s work is expanding and there are ways for all of us to help. Please let us know how you would like to be involved.

With a new season comes the opportunity to set goals for the coming year. The SVA’s for 2023/24 are simple:

  1. Support the SLSO in making our time away from Powell Hall and the transition to new venues at Stifel and Touhill as welcoming, successful & smooth as possible for our patrons.
  2. Grow the SVA membership to ensure we can properly support the SLSO today, while we are in interim venues, and in the future when we return to a larger and busier Powell Hall.
  3. Support the SLSO Powell Hall Campaign for renovation and expansion by making a meaningful group SVA gift that will be named as from the SVA. Note: those participating in the SVA group gift will also receive individual recognition.
  4. Implement the SLSO EDI Action Plan within the SVA to ensure we are in synch with the SLSO in making the SLSO a welcoming place for all patrons and the community.

Volunteers, thank you again for all the time and energy you devote to serving the SLSO.  The Symphony cannot navigate this project without the support of the SVA.  I believe that when we return to Powell Hall and reflect over these 2 years, we will be an even larger, closer, more committed group of Volunteers that will feel very gratified by what was accomplished and the way we served the SLSO and our community.

My sincerest thanks to all of you,

Special event: Musicians' "Welcome back" at the first rehearsal
SVA at the Welcome back rehearsalAbout a dozen volunteers converged on the first rehearsal of the 23/24 symphony season held in the Stifel. We welcomed back the musicians of the SLSO by presenting each with a GIANT-size Hershey’s Symphony candy bar, with a note attached. The note read: “

New venues. New experiences. Same love and support from your SVA!”

The musicians responded with appreciative and kind words, and one could feel the energy and excitement as the new season began. 

The note below from Beth Guterman Chu (our Principal Violist) best exemplifies how the musicians reacted:

Musician and SVA member

“My husband Jonathan and I just loved seeing the SVA yesterday. The huge chocolate and especially the message of support and welcome attached to it meant so much. We will all be facing unique challenges this year, the SVA included! 

We are just so grateful to have such an incredible group of people in the SVA supporting us. Please thank the whole group for the delicious treat and the warmth!”.

Special event: Forest Park Concert September 21

Patrons with Stéphane mask at Forest ParkThe SVA Ambassadors are pleased to say that we are off to great start to the season. The 22,000 plus attendees at the first concert of the season at the annual September Art Hill concert at Forest Park were treated to a warm reception by SVA Ambassadors, greeting them and handing out the fans with highlights of the season’s concerts. The enthusiasm of this group maneuvering through picnic blankets, lawn chairs, and al fresco diners welcoming and providing information to all never wavered despite the few raindrops. It was this spirit of our SVA Ambassadors that truly made all patrons feel part of a community with a Symphony deserving recognition and continuing support.

SVA member with kids on Art Hill


The SLSO’s Education department also test-ran several family activities prior to the FP concert, with SVA assistance. Kids could conduct the YO members or write a favorite sound on a card to be placed in a time capsule in the Powell Hall addition, compose a percussion piece using magnetic tokens (photo), among other activities. The activities were well received, providing a diversion for little ones waiting for the music to begin.


Feature Article: Get to know Tai Oney
Tai Oney is the SLSO's Manager of Inclusion & Learning.  We asked him to tell us a bit about his history with the SLSO and the goals she seeks to achieve in his new position.

Affiliation with SLSO
SLSO Manager of Inclusion and Learning, Tai OneyMy first introduction to the SLSO was in the summer of 2015 when I performed as a principal singer in Opera Theatre of Saint Louis’ production of Richard the Lionheart. I remember being quite impressed with the orchestra, having never heard them play before. Somehow, their playing made me feel more secure in my singing and I knew then that the SLSO was special. During that summer, friends of mine (and the SLSO!), Mark Spurrier and Karl Koesterer, invited me to see the SLSO’s performance of Aida. I was immediately struck by the immense power of sound and virtuosity coming from the orchestra and chorus, and the use of video projections transported me to the temple and palace. Living in London at that time, I had seen and performed with some incredible orchestras, however, the SLSO made an indelible impression on me as being one of the greatest I had ever heard. Nearly 10 years later, it almost seems surreal that I am not only working for the SLSO but am also a part of the IN UNISON Chorus which gives me the opportunity to experience those same feelings on a consistent basis. 

What I hope to accomplish
I have so many goals and aspirations that I would like to accomplish. If you Google search me, you will see that I have worked in many different areas in the arts. I consider myself to be an educator, arts administrator, and vocalist; however, something that has remained a constant in all my facets of work is my desire to empower people to empower others. A quote that I always keep close to my heart is by the late author, poet, activist, and St. Louis native, Maya Angelou which says, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Members of the SVA are in a fortunate position to put the SLSO mission into action each time they serve. With each individual we come into contact, we have the opportunity to enrich someone’s life by ensuring they feel seen, valued, and have a profound sense of belonging. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, stated “our work is meant to improve people’s lives,” and I look forward to working with the SVA to make meaningful impact in the lives of those we serve; empowering people to empower others.

Powell Hall Campaign Update
The SVA is excited about supporting the SLSO’s campaign to expand and renovate Powell Hall and we appreciate the opportunity to participate early in this initiative before it is announced to the public.

The SVA is working with Kristin Lamprecht, SLSO Senior Director, Campaign and Stewardship, to organize a campaign internal to the SVA to collectively make a gift to the SLSO in the name of the SVA. 

A number of SVA members have made donations, and we are well on the way to achieving our goal for a named gift.

Thank you to Janice & Steve Seele who are generously hosting several Salon Events in their home to brief SVA members on the campaign and how they can participate. These began in October and will continue into November.

If you would like to learn more about the details of the renovation and how you can make a gift, please plan to attend an event at the Seeles or attend a Zoom presentation.

To sign up for an in-person Salon Event or to attend the Zoom meeting please use this link to register: https://stlsymphony.wufoo.com/forms/z9x1mea102zkjb/

The remaining dates are:

  • November 14, 2023, at Noon via Zoom
  • November 30, 2023, at 5:30 PM at the home of Janice and Steve Seele

 Or if you would like to make a gift without attending, please contact Kristen Lamprecht at KristinL@slso.org, or Elaine Wichmer at ElaineW@slso.org

Powell Hall Renovation Progress
To stay up to date on the renovation progress, check out the SLSO Stories website!

Membership Engagement
Kathryn Snodgrass continues to receive requests and sends cards in sympathy or with well wishes. Anyone in the SVA membership is encouraged to contact Kathryn at SVAEngagement@slso.org, requesting a recognition of a fellow volunteer’s needs or celebrations.

Cocktails and Conversation:
We're very excited to continue Cocktails and Conversation—zoom interactive hour of fun, stimulating conversation, and opportunity to get together with our SVA members for 2023–24. Hope you enjoyed our first meeting with Erik Harris, Principal Double Bass on October 17th. We learned about Erik's journey from guitar at a young age to his current position in the SLSO. His warmth, humor, and interaction made the hour pass so quickly. He even demonstrated his bartending skills showing us how he makes his favorite martini! It was a fantastic first Cocktails and Conversation! 

Here's the wonderful line-up of our other two guest speakers:

  • Tuesday, February 20, 2024: Shannon Wood, Principal Timpanist, SVA chair (endowed)
  • Tuesday, April 16, 2024: Kevin McBeth, Director of In Unison chorus

 Please mark your calendars now and watch for your email invitation closer to the event date.  You might even want to ask prospective members to join in on the fun! 

See you on zoom!
Marilyn Humiston — co-team leader
Phyllis Traub — co-team leader

New and Prospective

The New and Prospective Committee is very pleased to introduce you to the following new SVA members:

  •  Mr. Harry Moppins (joined in September 2023)
  • Ms. Debbie Goss (joined in September 2023)
  • Mr. Hill Williams (joined in September 2023)
  • Mr. Paul Duchild (joined in September 2023)
  • Ms. Fran Glucroft (joined in October 2023)

 Stay tuned for a new member spotlight soon!

Last season, the New & Prospective Committee staffed a welcome table at the SLSO open rehearsals. They proved to be wonderful opportunities to engage with patrons and share more about the SVA. We ended up recruiting several new members from these events alone!

We have been invited to staff a table again this season. If you are interested in volunteering at one (or more!) of the open rehearsals this year, please contact SVANewandProspective@slso.org for more information.

While we are out of Powell Hall, the SVA will have fewer opportunities to engage with the wonderful patrons of the SLSO, so please do consider volunteering at one or more of the open rehearsals this season. Thank you very much in advance for your consideration and for all the ways you continue to support the SVA!

As always, if you have any ideas on how to recruit new SVA members, please contact us at SVANewandProspective@slso.org. We would love to hear from you!

Elizabeth Hahn, Chair
Connie Wepfer, Vice-Chair

Pick and Choose
As many of you may already know, the One and Done committee has been renamed to PICK AND CHOOSE. Why, you ask? One and Done had a deceptive finality to it, as if to say “do ONE job and you are done.” Everyone with the SVA should know that that is far from the truth. The work of the SVA and the SLSO is never done! So, feel free to pick and choose many different jobs that this Committee offers. 

For example, members of the Pick and Choose Committee assisted with the Family Concert on Sunday, October 22nd. They distributed sensory devices with a warm smile to those in need. Other volunteers assisted with selfies and a photo op that placed concert goers right on the new Powell Hall stage. All the volunteers had a great time at this educational concert.

For more information, contact P&C chair Sue Propper at SVAOneandDone@SLSO.org.

Meetings and Events
SLSO pianist Peter HendersonThe SVA's first membership meeting of the season was held at Sunset Country Club, where we welcomed about seventy SVA members and guests, among whom were numerous SLSO staff members, including our two special guests, SLSO pianist Peter Henderson and SLSO Chief Operating Officer Paul Pietrowski.


SVA President Debbie Dillon opened the meeting by welcoming all the guests and staff, then invited Laura Dwyer to introduce Peter Henderson. Laura described Peter as “a genius with perfect pitch.” Peter treated us to three beautiful preludes (Chopin No. 7 in A major, Chopin No. 10 in D sharp minor, and Rachmaninoff in E flat major). After performing, Peter took questions and shared fascinating personal information. Guests learned that retired SLSO trombonist Tim Myers, who is starting a publishing company, will be publishing some of Peter's compositions. Our own Jim Moore had tuned the club's piano to prepare it for the performance. SVA Membership Meeting

During our delicious buffet dinner, SLSO President and CEO Marie-Hélène Bernard introduced guest speaker, SLSO Chief Operating Officer Paul Pietrowski. Paul also shared his personal and professional journey, which led to his arrival at the SLSO. His musical background (he is a trombonist as well as a music educator), along with his history in orchestral management, positions him well to take on the responsibilities of managing our own SLSO. When Paul was recruited by the SLSO, he made a point to visit in April 2023 to experience our orchestra in Powell Hall before renovations began.

News Flash from Paul: The SLSO is planning a BIG celebration for 2025-26, when we return to Powell Hall!

With the scrumptious dessert buffet and coffee service capping off the dinner, Debbie Dillon returned to the microphone to invite SVA members to participate in the Powell Hall Campaign, with the hope of taking advantage of a naming opportunity with consolidated SVA donations. She invited us to attend salon events at the home of SVA members Steve and Janice Seele to learn more about the Campaign.

Special thanks to the Meetings and Events team for organizing the event and SVA member Connie Wepfer for hosting the dinner meeting at Sunset Country Club.

Our next membership meeting will be a brunch on March 9, 2024, and add the June 7, 2024, spring luncheon to your calendar. We hope to see you there!

As you may already know, our big 100th SVA Anniversary is coming up in 2025.  Nancy Malvin, with assistance from others, has been working on an SVA History Project. The first step was to conduct a series of interviews with past SVA Presidents and other long-term members. It is now time for those interviews to be transcribed, and we need help to listen to the recordings and then type the dialogue. The work will be done from your home with your computer, and Nancy will provide a computer-generated transcript to be used as a starting point.

If you're interested, and able to type, please contact Nancy at the address below for details of the project. Hopefully your fingers are limber and you are ready to help with this assignment.  Nancy will be available to help you get started and answer any questions. Her email address is SVAHistory@slso.org.

Message from the VP of Education and Community Programs
As if things weren’t already exciting enough with the changes of concert venues, the Education Department of the SLSO has kicked it into overdrive. Several new opportunities for young people to deepen their love and understanding of music are being put into place.

In an effort to make music more accessible to those with sensory sensitivities, workshops on how to support teachers and aides of these young people were held to teach volunteers and staff the art of being welcoming and helpful and directing people to restrooms and other necessary facilities available to their students.

Also in the works are new initiatives to connect middle and high school students with musicians and staff, providing exposure to the inner workings of a symphony orchestra. If you enjoy working with children and young people, there will be many opportunities for you to do just that over the next two seasons, as well as when we return to Powell Hall. Watch for emails regarding upcoming events or reach out to me and I will direct you to the coordinating chairperson.

Suzanne Seibel, Education VP

Trivia Night Returns! 
Trivia Night is back!!! (or, is it forward???) Mark your calendars for February 3, 2024, when you and your friends will be led on a journey through time with our favorite trivia night hosts, Mixtape Trivia.

If you've been to the SVA's trivia night before, you know how much fun it is to spend a few hours laughing, singing, and trying to help your table answer 100 trivia questions tailor-made for our trivia night. If you have not yet had the opportunity to experience our unique trivia nights, join us! Our hosts are already busy developing questions that will perplex, confound, and delight all at the same time.

In addition to the great trivia, we'll also have a fantastic collection of silent auction items, a special raffle item, and other opportunities to help support our St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra and its education programs. There's plenty of room at the event space, so grab your best time-traveling gear and get ready for an unforgettable evening of fun and surprises!

For more information, or to find out how to help, send an email to  YOTrivia@slso.org, and we’ll get right back to you.

Coffee Concerts
SVA Members at Coffee ConcertThe first two concerts of the year have happened for the Coffee Concert volunteers!  What a great experience it was when we gathered on Sept. 29 and again on Oct. 20! The new venue at UMSL’s Touhill Performing Arts Center worked well - we had plenty of space to work in. Because we are utilizing the lower level and upper level, we were able to staff many more coffee and donut stations. 

The 19 volunteers who worked made our patrons feel welcome and appreciated. The Touhill staff, the concessions contractor, and the symphony staff, Kelsey and Madison, couldn't have been more helpful. Coffee was always replenished, donuts were quickly consumed, and the patrons took advantage of the many sitting areas at the Touhill to enjoy their refreshments. Then to conclude our time we enjoyed two wonderful concerts. All in all, a great concert experience. We are looking forward to the remainder of the season.

If you are not already on the Coffee Concert team and would like to join, please email us at SVACoffeeConcerts@SLSO.org

Here are the dates:
Nov 17:  Korngold and Dvořák
Dec 1:  Beethoven’s Second Symphony
Jan 12:  Porgy and Bess
Feb 2:  Barber and Price
Mar 22:  Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto
Apr 19:  Beethoven’s Second Piano Concerto

For further information about SVA Coffee Concert activities please contact Group Leaders Milly Neff and Doug Neff (SVACoffeeConcerts@slso.org).  

Express the Music
The ETM representatives on the “ETM Re-Imagining Committee” have met with Sara Ruddy of the SLSO three times now and are truly “brainstorming” ideas for the future of this program.  Our next step is to plan and begin “listening sessions” with a variety of teachers, students, and community representatives.  Those meetings should provide another large pool of thoughts/ideas on how Express the Music can be more meaningful for all students, not just those junior- and senior-high school students who are fortunate enough to attend schools with excellent music and writing programs.  We realize the program may need to incorporate some flexibility in order to continue to stimulate those lucky students. We’re also generating ideas which will present our SVA volunteers with a variety of interesting opportunities to help.

We have lots of listening and planning to do and Sara is keeping us on track and moving us along. If you know of a community representative who you feel would be a valuable participant in the “re-imagining” process, please let me know.

Lynda Lieberman, Chair
Paula Hertel, Vice-Chair

Picture the Music:
Picture the Music is gearing up for an exciting year as we host our Awards Ceremony “off-campus”. Albert Roussel’s The Spider’s Feast promises to inspire students to create some colorful artwork. The piece will be played at the Family Concert at Touhill Performing Arts Center at UMSL on Sunday, October 22 and at Stifel Theatre on January 27 and 28. 

Our kick-off meeting for the PTM committee will be held at Grandel Square on Thursday, November 9 from 11 - noon. We are working with the Missouri Botanical Garden as our venue for the Top 100 Winners’ Award Ceremony on April 7, 2024. We are still firming up details for our traveling exhibition this year.

Emails have been sent to art and music teachers inviting them to participate in Picture the Music in our 34th year. Information is also available on the website SLSO.org/picture.

For more information, contact PTM chair Beth Rogers at SVApicturethemusic@SLSO.org.

Beth Rogers, Chair
Sue Darcy, Vice-Chair

Group Hosts

For further information, contact Susanne Mertens at  SVAGroupHosts@slso.org

Instrument Playground
Instrument Playground is gearing up for some new and fun activities this year. The first Family Concert was on October 22nd where Jeff Kaplan, John Malvin and Karen Nichols partnered with members of the SLSO Youth Orchestra to give families and children an opportunity to learn about some of the instruments in the Orchestra. The YO musicians played and explained fun facts about their instruments. The following instruments were represented: oboe, bassoon, trombone, tuba, violin, cello, and double bass. 

The SVA IP volunteers engaged with the families and children and provided a hands-on activity for them to explore the need for vibrations to produce sound.  The partnership with the YO musicians has been great not only for the families and children at these events, but also for the musicians themselves. They are getting great experiences demonstrating their instruments, engaging the public and teaching children. These YO musicians have really stepped up!

Youth Orchestra
On Sunday, October 22, 2023, eight members of the YO representing the violin, cello, double bass, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trombone, and tuba performed instrument demonstrations in the lobby area prior to the SLSO Family Concert at the Touhill.  The instrument demos allow the families and children to get up close and ask questions to the YO musicians about their instruments.  There was a solid turn out of families, and the pre-concert instrument demonstrations are always a great experience for the kids as well as the YO musicians.

The YO musicians and their bios can be found at: https://www.slso.org/en/edu/youth-orchestra/yo-musicians/.

For further information about Youth Orchestra and volunteering, please contact SVA Team Leader Stephanie Randall (SVAYouthOrchestra@slso.org). 

Education Hosts
Education Concert Hosts were back in action on October 24 and 25, welcoming elementary school students from across our region to a performance of "A Zoo Called Earth" at The Touhill on the UMSL campus. Our intrepid crew guided more than 4,000 children arriving on over 100 buses in and out of the facility with smiles and enthusiasm, under nearly ideal weather conditions.  The children's cheers and applause for the "Can Can" at the close of the concert rival the largest audiences at Powell Hall! 

Next on our agenda will be Tiny Tunes Concerts at The Sheldon on February 6-8, when temperatures are not expected to be quite so balmy.

For information about Education Hosts, please contact Group Leader Steve Seele (SVAEduAmbassadors@slso.org).

Philanthropy & Stewardship:

The Missouri House Budget Committee approved the $3.1M that arts advocates had requested for funding the Missouri Arts Council over the Governor's budget. In addition, $2.5M was added to the Trust Fund, a rainy-day fund that had been spent down some during the 2008 financial downturn.

Finally, the Budget Committee added a $1M capital improvements sum for Powell Hall which will be set-up as a matching funds gift. These are truly significant nods to the arts community and the SLSO in particular.  

Chair Mike Grayson has been poring over the legislative jargon that is generated by our legislature and to the best of his knowledge, the Governor did not veto any of the line items related to the Arts for FY 2024.  Specifically, that means that the Missouri Arts Council Trust Fund is to receive $15,602,323 for FY 2024 from the State Treasury. 

Included in that sum is a one-time appropriation of $3M for Powell Hall based on the Symphony's "…commitment to educational and community outreach efforts…". This appropriation is not dependent upon any matching funds requirement.

Furthermore, Senate Bill 94, authorizing tax credits for certain entertainment productions in the state passed as well. This would make it more attractive for film production crews to utilize Missouri for operating in Missouri.

It is Mike’s understanding that Representative Del Taylor, St Louis City District 84, was instrumental in the one-time budget item for Powell Hall. Del.Taylor@house.mo.gov

Mike recommends that all SVA members, not just Advocacy Team members, consider sending Representative Taylor a warm thank you.

Join the Advocacy Team!  Contact: SVAAdvocacy@slso.org.

                       Arts have an economic impact!

As noted above (Forest Park), we are very pleased to report that we are off to great start to the season.  The shuttles to the concerts at Stifel and Touhill, including the Friday Morning Coffee Concerts, seem to be well received as the buses seemed to be filled to capacity each time. 

While there were initially a few issues, as we adjusted the first week, we have a group of amazing volunteers who come not only from the Ambassador committee, but also from other committees, all of whom have generously lent their support to provide our patrons a delightful musical experience.    We have also had the support of our staff partners who successfully work out the logistics for transportation and other areas for our committee.

The Valet Greeter position is working out well, but additional greeters are needed throughout the rest of the season.  This is a position that welcomes the high-donor patrons, and provides information about the donor lounge.  

We continually welcome new Ambassador Volunteers as this is truly a way to interact with patrons personally, both on the shuttles and as greeters, and to the role we each play to support the SLSO.  

For more information, contact Ambassadors at  SVAAmbassador@SLSO.org.

Sharongay Pearline, Chair
Donald Pearline, Vice-Chair

The Friends Committee is gathering information and beginning to plan for the 2023/2024 SVA season.  As with some other Committees, the Friends Committee has not been overly active during the 2022/2023 season.  We are gathering information regarding our contacts at SLSO, and planning to meet with them to reintroduce ourselves and offer some suggestions regarding Committee outreach to additional SVA and community donors, as well as those who may be interested in SVA and SLSO activities during the renovation. 

We wish to express our gratitude to the donors who are the life blood of the SLSO and encourage consideration of a greater presence in the SVA or to become a greater presence in their support of the SLSO.

Committee members will be contacted soon to socialize and express their ideas for a more robust Committee presence.  It will be a busy quarter for everyone.  Beverly Cox and Sara Fabick worked hard to contact donors from lists supplied by the SLSO.  Marjie Smith and I hope to continue to build on their good work.  

For more information, contact Friends chair Glenna Schindler at SVAFriends@slso.org.

Glenna Schindler, Chair
Marjie Smith, Vice-Chair

SVA General Board contact information for 2023-2024
Your General Board consists of the Executive Committee; Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs, who fall under one of the three VPs; and Team Leads, whose groups take on recurring tasks within certain committees.

All these leaders are available, via their “official” SLSO emails, to welcome you into their committees/teams, answer questions, and generally provide resources to enrich your SVA experience.  All Execs, Chairs and Team Leads have SLSO emails, as listed below.  Vice-Chairs do not have SLSO emails but are listed below for completeness.


Exec Committee

First Name

Last Name

SLSO Email





VP Philanthropy & Stewardship




VP Education




VP Membership












Membership Committees



SLSO Email

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New & Prospective Vice Chair




Meetings Chair




Meetings Vice Chair




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Education Committees



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ETM Vice Chair




PTM Chair




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IP Chair




IP Vice Chair




Powell Hall Opportunities Chair




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Philanthropy & Stewardship Committees



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Ambassadors Chair




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Team Leads



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Cocktails and Conversation Co-Lead




Analysis and Research



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Coffee Concerts Co-Lead




Coffee Concerts Co-Lead




Education Hosts




Group Hosts




Powell Hall Tours




Youth Orchestra



















Acting team lead