Enriching people's lives through the power of music by providing experiences and opportunities that serve as a bridge between diversity, community and legacy.

Our flagship diversity initiative, IN UNISON was created in 1992 to provide high-quality musical resources to the African-American community, specifically through specialized outreach to member churches participating in the program. In an effort to further this initiative, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra musicians present free performances in majority of the 30 partnering churches annually. Formed in 1994, the IN UNISON Chorus is comprised of 120 people from throughout the African-American community performing as part of the SLSO's season – all three concerts featuring the IN UNISON Chorus now attract capacity or near-capacity audiences. Additionally, the IN UNISON program encourages young people of diverse backgrounds to study music and has, through the years, recognized them for their talent and hard work through the awarding of scholarships and awards.