As part of the community-driven IN UNISON program, the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra's IN UNISON Academy provides scholarship and fellowship opportunities to young musicians pursuing a career in the music industry, as well as mentorship opportunities to budding musicians with SLSO and St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra members.


IN UNISON scholarsIn a deliberate and strategic effort to encourage diversity in the arts, the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra provides up to six scholarships for young African American undergraduate students who are studying in a music-related field at a greater St. Louis area accredited college/university. In addition to scholarships, students are provided opportunities to receive mentoring with the SLSO staff and musicians, and participate in or attend select concert events.

IN UNISON Scholars are selected based on recommendation from the faculty and administration at area college/university, their high school music teacher upon entering the first collegiate year, or students who have an existing relationship with the SLSO. Selected students typically remain in the IU Scholarship program throughout their undergraduate career.


SLSO IN UNISON Graduate Fellowships

In order to provide real-world experience that can be powered into employment in a music-related field, fellowship opportunities are provided to select IN UNISON Scholars who are near to graduation or have recently graduated from college/university. Students will receive a small stipend to help cover expenses, and are selected based on leadership skills with SLSO and positive academic standing. 

To learn more or for information on how to apply, contact Michelle Byrd at

SLSO IN UNISON Young Artist Awards 

IN UNISON Young ArtistThe IN UNISON Young Artists Awards provide singers 30 years of age and under the opportunity to sing with the St. Louis Symphony IN UNISON Chorus on the stage at Powell Hall and in other venues in the St. Louis community. These paid positions are reserved for a limited numbers of singers with strong experience as soloists with large ensembles. IN UNISON Young Artist will provide musical leadership in the Chorus. In return, will be given opportunities to solo, meet internationally acclaimed artists, and perform with the world-renowned St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. 

Contact the manager if you have questions about the audition process.

IN UNISON Chorus Delores Greathouse Scholarship

The St. Louis Symphony IN UNISON Chorus Delores Greathouse Scholarship is funded annually through a freewill offering from IN UNISON Chorus members and friends. This award provides $500 to $1,000 to African-American High School graduating seniors, current college students, and former recipients of any major.  All applicants must be pursuing an undergraduate degree and actively participating in a musical ensemble with their church or collegiate institution.

To learn more or for information on how to apply, contact Michelle Byrd at

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