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Families and Fans

Whether you are new to orchestral music, a budding musician, or a longtime fan of the orchestra, the SLSO has created a variety of resources to spark your curiosity and deepen your relationship with music. We hope you'll explore, create, and have fun!

Learning Lab

Ever wonder about the different instruments percussionists play? Or how we can feel sound? Explore these free digital resources created by the SLSO to spark curioisty about music.

Tiny Tunes  The Lion and the Mouse

Tiny Tunes

Introduce orchestral music to the youngest listeners through interactive, hands-on experiences with music! Two unlikely friends—the mighty lion and the little mouse—take you on an adventure that proves even the smallest acts of kindness can make a big difference. Get on-demand access to a virtual concert or participate in a family activity session. These free early childhood programs will have you dancing and making music with loved ones.  

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SLSO SoundLab

A virtual family experience where together you’ll discover the different ways music keeps us connected. SLSO SoundLab explores the intersection of music, science, and technology through videos and activities that can be done at home.


SLSO SoundLab

Activity Gallery

With these musical activities for the entire family, learn how to identify themes with Hedwig from Harry Potter, create your own characters with composer Edward Elgar, and explore musical form with Scott Joplin.


Instrument Playground Online

Learn all about the instruments of the orchestra and the SLSO musicians who play them. Through a series of videos and downloadable activities, you can explore the different instrument families as young musicians interview SLSO musicians.

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Instrument Playground Online

Family Concerts

SLSO Family Concerts

These entertaining 45-minutes matinee concerts on Sunday afternoons build family memories to last a lifetime. Family Concerts return to Powell Hall in the 2021/2022 season, introducing young people to orchestral through Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf (February 20, 2022) and SoundLab Live (April 24, 2022).

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Young Musicians

The SLSO offers a variety of musical learning opportunities for students of all ages in the St. Louis region.

Lifetime Learning

Want to learn even more about music and your SLSO? Broaden your musical horizons with these musical resources.

Free Events

Connect with your SLSO through monthly digital events, programs in the community, and more.



The SLSO Stories podcast takes listeners on a deep dive into the SLSO, exploring a variety of topics.


Streaming Concerts

Listen to a different SLSO concert each week, available to stream in partnership with St. Louis Public Radio.


SLSO Stories

Read about the orchestra and its musicians on stage, and throughout the St. Louis community.



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