IN UNISON Chorus Auditions

Scheduling an Audition

Periodically, there are openings in the St. Louis Symphony IN UNISON Chorus for qualified singers to perform with the orchestra and chorus and work with distinguished, internationally-known conductors. Contact the IN UNISON Chorus Manager for more information.

All auditions for the St. Louis Symphony IN UNISON Chorus are heard by appointment.  Next auditions will be held Monday, May 8 from 5-10pm at Powell Hall. To signup for an audition slot, click here

Preparing for the Audition

Singers are asked to perform a solo musical selection from memory.  Interested individuals should prepare one piece in any style (for example, a church solo, a selection from a musical, or a classical work) and should bring sheet music for the accompanist—no a cappella selections are allowed.  The selection may be in any language.  Singers will also be asked to sight read and vocalize. Singers must be familiar with the basics of music notation. Vocalizing will further demonstrate range and flexibility and help determine possible placement in the chorus. Auditions are heard by the chorus director and chorus accompanist.  The entire audition will last ten minutes.


Auditions are heard by the chorus director and chorus manager and an accompanist is provided. The entire audition will last approximately 8-10 minutes.



IN UNISON Young Artist Awards 

The IN UNISON Young Artists Awards provide singers 30 years of age and under the opportunity to sing with the IN UNISON Chorus on the stage at Powell Hall and in other venues in the St. Louis community. These paid positions are reserved for a limited numbers of singers with strong experience as soloists with large ensembles. IN UNISON Young Artist will provide musical leadership in the Chorus. In return, Young Artists will be given opportunities to solo, meet internationally-acclaimed artists, and perform with the world-renowned St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. An IN UNISON Young Artist audition will include sight reading, tonal memory, vocalizing, and two vocal selections performed from memory, with accompanist (unaccompanied selections are not permitted). 

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