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Picture the Music

Where will the music lead your students’ imaginations? Picture the Music invites grades K-6 to discover orchestral music and respond with paintings and drawings that express creative thought and emotion. Picture the Music is a FREE competition, aligned with both national and state standards. Finalists are honored at a special awards ceremony at Powell Hall and featured in a traveling exhibition.

2017/2018 Season

Get ready for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games with Picture the Music! This school year, Picture the Music invites grades K-6 to discover, John Williams’ 1984 Olympic Fanfare and Theme and respond with paintings and drawings that express creative thought and emotion. Hear this year’s Picture the Music selection and more performed live by the SLSO at Athletes of the Orchestra, October 15, 17-19 at Powell Hall. Visit slso.org/education for more information.

Listen to the 1984 recording of Olympic Fanfare and Theme, conducted by John Williams

For more information: download the Picture the Music: Teacher’s Guide Teacher’s Guide PDF

Picture the Music Awards

Each finalist will receive a certificate in a public ceremony at Powell Hall at 7:00 pm on Monday, February 26, 2018. Finalists and their parents, relatives, friends, teachers, and administrators are encouraged to attend. After the awards, the finalist’s artwork will be included in the 2018 Traveling Picture the Music Exhibition, available for viewing at the following locations:

Powell Hall
St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre
St. Louis Public Library - Schlafly branch
Plaza Frontenac
The Magic House

Congratulations to the winners of Picture the Music 2017!

Grades K-3: Leighton Chambers, Gerald Elementary School, Adventure
Grades 4-6: Holly Travers, Steger Sixth Grade Center, Black and White

Picture the Music 2017 Maestro Award Winners

Front Row: Leighton Chambers; Holly Travers; Ron Klemm, Retired Manager, Classic99.com; Back Row: Janice Seele, President, Symphony Volunteer Association; Linda Seibert, Chair, Picture the Music

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